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Taking a board examination can be a VERY challenging experience.  The best advice you can get is "just know everything", but short of that, how you spend your study time in preparation for your board examination can make a big difference in the outcome of the examination.  

What material should I study?

1. FOLLOW THE TEST PLAN.  This lays out the structure of the examination.  

Download IBCN Application, Reference List and Test Plan HERE.

Download IBE Test Plan HERE.

2. STUDY YOUR WEAKEST SUBJECTS.  Only you know what areas those are. As a general guideline,  if  you hate to study that subject, it is probably a subject where you are weak.

 Review classes can be a great way to study, but they cannot possibly cover all of the material, nor can they predict what material will be on the examination. The following classes are suggested as neurology and electrodiagnosis review classes. Pick those that you feel will be most helpful for you. Classes are periodically added or updated, so check back frequently. Best wishes for a successful examination. 


Download IBCN Application, Reference List and Test Plan HERE

Download IBE Reference List HERE

Click HERE for a listing of all qualified IBCN Diplomate Classes.


ChiroClasses.comON-DEMAND: Sign up and take the class at anytime.  Take the test at any time and receive your CE  certificate via email upon successful completion. ChiroClasses CEU is valid for CO, IA, & NE. Other states may apply, check with your state board. 

ON-DEMAND 314e1 (AKA 303) Hx & Mental Status - 1 CEU

ON-DEMAND 314e2 Bedside Exam - 5 CEU

ON-DEMAND 314e3 Somatoform - 1 CEU

ON-DEMAND 314e4 Communication - 2 CEU

ON-DEMAND 314e5 Neuro Exam Review - 4 CEU

ON-DEMAND 314e6 Non-Organic and Exam Mechanics - 1 CEU

ON-DEMAND 306 Cerebrovascular Disease - 5 CEU

ON-DEMAND 208d2 Neurodegeneration: Mechanisms, pathways and therapeutic actions - 2 CEU

ON-DEMAND 104 Cervical Adjustment and Stroke - 8 CEU

ON-DEMAND 207a Intro to Electrodiagnosis - 4 CEU

Click HERE for All Classes

Click below for on demand board review class, neurology diplomate and edx programs. 

Click HERE for Clinical Neurosciences Institute Classes

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