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IBE Board of Examiners

The International Board of Electrodiagnosis (IBE) serves as a testing committee of the IACN.  They examine candidates and confer diplomate status to those who successfully pass their diplomate examination.

 The IBE Diplomate Examination in Electrodiagnosis

Dear Colleague:

The International Board of Electrodiagnosis would like to invite all qualified candidates to attend the Electrodiagnosis Diplomate and Board Certification Examination.  You are encouraged to register in order to meet registration deadlines. If you have any questions about the examination, please contact IBE Board member:

 Dr. Robert Ville.

Exam Announcements


Information and Application to take the IBE diplomate examination can be downloaded:


Test Plan

The IBE examination follows a specific test plan.  Candidates may review the test plan for the IBE examination

Information about studying for the IBE examination 

Board Review Information may be downloaded:


IBE Test Plan may be downloaded:


IBE Members

Dr. J. Donald Dishman - Board Chair

Dr. Robert Ville - Board Treasurer

Dr. Sean Norkus - Member

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