Mission of the Academy

The International Academy of Chiropractic Neurology (IACN) is a membership organization established in 1997. The mission was formulated by a group of internationally known and respected chiropractic neurologists.

A.V. Anderson, D.C., M.D. (USA)
Joseph S. Ferezy, D.C. (USA)
Martin I. Gruder, D.C. (USA)
Alan B. Korbett, D.C., D.O. (USA)
Neil Osborne, B.Sc. (Chiro), D.C. (UK)
Alan G.J. Terrett, M.App.Sc. (Chiro) (Australia)
Howard Vernon, D.C. (Canada) 

The mission of the IACN is: 

1. To provide an outlet for expression and communication of professional opinions for the benefit and enhancement of the neurological sciences as they relate to the chiropractic profession, to best serve humankind.

2. To promote and foster the understanding and use of principles and techniques in the field of chiropractic neurology and support those principles, policies and practices that seek the attainment of the highest order of excellence in neurologic skills directed at patient care by doctors of chiropractic.

3. To promote the highest standards of moral and ethical conduct amongst chiropractic neurologists and electrodiagnosticians.

4. The pursuit of excellence in chiropractic education especially as it concerns the promotion of post-graduate courses of study in chiropractic neurology and electrodiagnosis.

5. To disseminate scientific and scholarly information and educational materials relevant to chiropractic neurology through the establishment and maintenance an IACN journal and WebSite.

6. To encourage the development of standard terminology in chiropractic neurology.

7. Support for the quest of scientific knowledge by support for research in neuroscience and a high plane of competence and of clinical value to the literature of neurology.

8. To outline the scope of the chiropractic/neurological practice and to encourage the recognition of this scope of practice amongst the profession and in chiropractic colleges.

9. Achieve and preserve the purposes of the IACN.

10. To encourage interest amongst graduates in chiropractic to enter this field of specialty.

11. To protect in every proper and reasonable way the professional welfare and interest of the members of the IACN.

12. To work and cooperate with chiropractic colleges and universities, chiropractic licensing and regulating boards and other federal, state and private agencies, or appropriate committees, councils and departments as necessary.

13. To enhance the quality of chiropractic neurological care through the voluntary certification process, by establishing and supporting certification boards in chiropractic neurology & electrodiagnosis to be known as the International Board of Chiropractic Neurology (IBCN) and International Board of Electrodiagnosis (IBE) respectively. The examining boards shall serve to develop and conduct testing programs in the field of chiropractic neurology and electrodiagnosis, identify those students of chiropractic neurology who are qualified specialists in chiropractic neurology, and issue appropriate certifications and designations to those who successfully completed such programs.

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