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IBCS Member Boards are chiropractic examining boards who subscribe to the highest quality standards in chiropractic specialty education through a commitment to using unbiased, valid and psycho-metrically sound examination methodologies.

Evidence Informed: Higher Standards Yield Better Patient Care:

The International Board of Chiropractic Specialties (IBCS) works with it's advisory board and its member chiropractic specialty examining boards to formulate and maintain standards for chiropractic specialists. A non-profit organization, the IBCS was created to assure the public of properly qualified chiropractic specialists and to uphold the highest clinical and ethical standards in the chiropractic profession. 

Find Your Chiropractic Specialist

Is My Chiropractor a Current Board Certified Specialist?

IBCS Accreditation of your chiropractic specialist is voluntary and provides assurances of educational quality and institutional integrity to governments, jurisdictional licensing and regulatory bodies, institutions, professional organizations, students, other accrediting agencies and the public at large.

Board Certification and Credential Maintenance

What is a board certified chiropractor? 

Through the science of test psychometry the knowledge and skills required of a chiropractic physician to perform the tasks necessary to be a specialist in any field can be accurately measured. Once measured, a competency level can be set. This "bar" of excellence serves to protect the general public from less adequately trained or qualified "specialists". 

Evidence Informed = Quality Care

How to make a better chiropractor? 

Maintaining clinical excellence requires an ongoing process of continuing professional education post-certification.  The result is a better doctor and better patient care.

International Board of Neurological Rehabilitation

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