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The IBCN certification shall serve to identify qualified specialists in chiropractic neurology.

These specialists shall be known as Diplomates of the International Board of Chiropractic Neurology (D.I.B.C.N.).

The IBCN shall enhance the quality of chiropractic neurological care through the voluntary certification process.  Objectives of the IBCN:

  1. To describe, in terms of knowledge and skills, a chiropractic physician with special expertise in evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of patients with neurologic disorders or who require neurologic assessment.
  2. To set the standards for knowledge and skills required for certification.
  3. To construct, supervise and administer comprehensive, psychometrically valid, unbiased, examinations designed to evaluate those skills and knowledge.
  4. To monitor, evaluate and improve the standards and procedures of the certification process.
  5. To act as the final authority on grading and certifying the chiropractic neurologist.
  6. To set standards for the quality and scope of post-graduate training programs to ensure that their graduates will obtain necessary training credit toward certification.
  7. To inform the public, other professions and other chiropractic organizations of the purposes, activities and responsibilities of the IACN.


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